Tuesday, 13 March 2012

So near and yet ...

Well, we thought it might be our last visit to Markenfield, for some time at least but, nay lad, there's work to be done yet.

Another grand turnout with Paul, Roger, Catriona, both Richards and both Grahams, M1 and Phillip all putting in a final supreme effort.  Having scrambled around on Stone Mountain for a while, we managed to assemble a reasonable stack of cope-like rubbish and Bryon turned up (despite bruised ribs) with his venerable dump-truck to transport the spoils up to site.  So far so good.

Some remedial work on the existing wall produced a better-looking end result but the stone wasn't in a terribly co-operative mood and we had neither the materials, patience or energy to finish the job.  So it's another week at Markenfield.

Welcome light relief from our labours came in the form of M2 who brought guests, Boogie, shortbread and ... ta-daaa! ... FIZZ for a (slightly premature) topping out ceremony to be enjoyed by all and especially sundry.  Sincere thanks to Em for that.

Photos still elude me but I'll fill in the gaps when I can (unless any dear reader wants to do so?).

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