Thursday, 22 March 2012

Ten Go To Winksley

OK so it wasn't the easiest site to find but, in the end, ten of us made it to the Winksley pinfold which made for some tricky manoeuvres once we got started. 

Richard set up his tripod and camera so we could look forward to 'Winksley - The (Slightly Jerky) Movie as he snapped the various stages of stripping out and reconstruction.  The Grahams, Phillip and Roger tackled the smaller of the two gaps while the Ems, Paul, Richard, Tony and myself stripped out the larger stint and began reconstruction. (Note: interesting that the original wall had mainly stringers throughout and very few stones with their length built into the wall).  (Note2: The inside of the pinfold was the 'pretty' side with larger, more uniform stone as opposed to more random coursing on the field side).

By t'end o' t'day the smaller section was complete and looking handsome and the main gap had risen four courses from its new foundations.  One more week (two tops) should see it done.

Thanks everybody.

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