Wednesday, 14 March 2012

So we'll go to Markenfield no more... the saga endeth here

This belated post (which will magically arrive in the correct order by web based jiggery pokery) is the final hurrah from Markenfield Hall, well for now anyway.

The final week was graced by the presence of Richard (younger), Phillip, Roger and me (Em 1).  A small but valiant team dedicated to getting the copes on that wall come what may.

What didn't come was transportation for stone!  We were expecting this so crafted a well laid plan of loading up the boot of my car with copes and driving them down the deeply rutted track to get as close to the wall as possible.  Needless to say it wasn't close enough but it made a huge difference and Richard and I only lost about 3 inches in height rather than the foot we would have lost carting the stone the whole way from the barn.  Well done to my poor Rav 4 she's not used to going off road for real and she did all the hard work (her mistress frankly bleating about getting stuck!).

Meanwhile back at the wall face Phillip and Roger steadily added our contributions to the last remaining uncapped section of wall.  The final stones were in place shortly after lunch and we dedicated the rest of our time to chucking... er tidying the left over stone to the non visible side of the wall and filling the breach between the new wall and old wall.

After a hard days slog we sat back and admired our handiwork.

So pastures new have been plumbed at Winksley and our taster day is fast approaching, who knows where and when we shall meet again but we'll be back at Markenfield Hall again at a later date to tackle the ongoing challenge know only as the Park Pale.

Bye for now, Em

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