Wednesday, 29 February 2012

So we'll go no more to Markenfield ...

Well, perhaps just one more time.  Chilly today but mercifully dry with a brace of Ems, ditto of Grahams, a single Richard (the Younger), Catriona, Roger and Mr Chairman (as I am absolutely never known).

Between us we finished off the remainder of the stretch up to the gatepost.  Another section of the old wall had obligingly fallen over during the week, thus exposing all manner of new raw material which we fell upon (not literally altho' ...).  We now have a very passable imitation of a wall end and some tidy piles of surplus stone for next time. 

I have contacted Sarah to ask if she can arrange for a trailer/dumper to be at the barn next week so that we can muster such copes as can be located, ship them up to the wall and finish of with some half-decent toppers.  That's the plan anyway.

Would anyone reading this drivel please signal as soon as possible whether they will be available next week so that we can be sure of adequate numbers to finish the project by close of play.

Many thanks to those who showed today - I think we can all be well satisfied with what we have achieved at Markenfield especially given the rather 'mixed' materials at our disposal.

Apologies again for the absence of photos - PC and camera still not on speaking terms.

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