Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A belated salute to the brave

Whoops!  Forgot to blog Wednesday 22nd February.

Most of you deduced from the Met Office gloom that it was not going to be much of a day, and you were right. Nevertheless, five (fool)hardy souls turned out and it's a 'big up' to the Richard twins, Phillip and Roger for having braved the elements.

Actually the first part of the morning was merely damp and it was only towards lunchtime that life turned properly soggy. Meantime, we pressed on with the final stint, intending always to build into the good-looking stretch of existing wall by the gatepost. 

Yes, well, the best laid plans and all that.  Seeking to consolidate a slightly dodgy end section, we removed a few teetering stones and the rest followed suit with the gentlest of rumbles.  Cue expletives and executive decision to forestall further tumbles in the section of wall not yet surveyed by FOMH by building a wall end to finish off with.  Looking good so far though stone selection is a little .... challenging.

No action as yet on copes - maybe this week?

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