Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The end is in sight ...

With advance apologies for the absence of photos (will publish later  when I can persuade PC and camera to talk to one another) a quick update on walling today.

One of those rather pretty English late-winter days with low sunshine and a sharpish breeze to remind us that spring is still some way round the corner, though rather closer than it appeared to the hardy souls who showed up last week.

The end really is now in sight - photos taken today include the target gatepost without the use of wide-angle lenses.  Yet another good turnout of wallers and thanks to Roger, Phillip, Catriona and a brace each of Richards and Grahams for making us 8 in all.  It was hi and goodbye to Emma II who has injured her hand and sensibly opted to go walkies instead.

The last bit of stripping out and the last foundations were completed and the wall continued its gentle uphill march with the penultimate stint just a couple of courses below coping stone level.  No action on copes as yet but maybe next week.  By my reckoning (fallible to the last) we should be done in another three sessions.

I will talk to Madame Secretary (and the Lord High Treasurer if he ever stops galivanting) about our next project but I will be voting for the pinfold project at Winksley which needs only three or four visits.  We can then select our next big one from a growing list.

Thanks again everybody.

PS who was last week's mystery guest?

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