Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Week Two at Markenfield Hall

Blogging out of sequence and without any pictorial evidence!  What will he think of next?

A second fine and well-attended day at Markenfield - Paul, Roger, Richard, Graham B, Barry G, Nick, Em II (and Boogie) and ... surprise, surprise ... Catriona.  Not sure what the doctors would say but she managed a full day without wilting and seems well on the way to a full recovery.  Welcome back, m'dear!

Said Catriona, Paul and I stripped out another stint (the one that gave way last week under Richard's mighty lean) and rebuilt it to path-side foundation level (4/5 courses on the ditch side).

Meanwhile, the rset of the crew pressed on with the first stretch and, despite challenging stone, completed it to within one course of what we laughingly refer to as copes (whatever big weighty stuff we can find lying around).  Copes here are about as common as throughs and we haven't identified a single one of those so far.

More next week (with photos).


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  1. ha ha ha, the sneaky company secretary knows the secret ways to change the date of her blog so it appears in the right place!! (Mine was written but I hadn't realised I hadn't clicked to make it live - oops.)
    Yours shamefaced, Em