Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Markenfield Walling Festival

Well, it felt like it anyway!  The world and her dog made their merry way to Markenfield and we numbered 16 (one-six) souls including Boogie, (who has loads of soul) and ... let me think now ... me, of course, a couple of Grahams, a brace of Richards (one on a  bike which I think is a first), Em II (Em I being slightly crook and bruised this week - get well soon), Tony, Morag (welcome!), Nick, Walter (also welcome!), Phillip, Paul, Barry, Roger and Catriona.

A fantastic turn out and a lot of ground covered.  Stints one and two completed up to rather heavily improvised copes; loads more stripped out; and a new stretch up to three courses on the downhill side.

Sincere thanks to everyone - I hope you enjoyed the day.  Tony and Barry will hopefully fill in the photographic void with which I now leave you.

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