Wednesday, 9 November 2011

One step forward ...

... and, well, one step back. 

Another great turnout this week despite the Ems not being on top form (good wishes to both for a speedy return to good health).  'Cos David likes to know, I'm delighted to acknowledge sterling work from Catriona, Morag, the Richards, a Graham, Barry, Roger, Paul, Phillip, Nick, Walter, all of whom will freely admit, if sufficiently bribed, cajoled and threatened, that I too was present.  Em I brought goodies at lunchtime for which many thanks.

And the one step back?  Richard, Paul, Morag and I got fed up of walking past the tumbledown mess left round the ash tree by our predecessors and took it all down  for rebuilding.  The rest of the gang made further good progress up the hill. 

D'you know, I think we're beginning to get the hang of this wall and its idiosyncratic slip-ups and slide-downs.  By Christmas we may know what we're doing!

Roll on next week!  Thanks everybody.


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