Friday, 14 October 2011

Final week at Banks Farm - 12th October

What a day! We had another good turnout this week, two long lost wallers returned to the fold and Nick came back to join us again so we must have been on our best behaviour last week if he wasn't put off.

We had hoped to get the wall completed this week as we are starting a new project next week, the good news is that we did, the bad news is we might have to adjust some of the copes when we next return. Still for now it is stable and protected from the elements and with a bit of luck it'll be cow proof as well.

We spent the day in constant drizzle so we haven't got the best photos to show but they'll have to do.

Next week onto green fields and pastures new, huge thanks to Graham B, Robert, Barry G, Em 2, Phillip and Nick for a sterling effort.


Ps got my new (2nd hand) iPhone today so photos will follow shortly.

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