Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Walling at Banks Farm 28th September

Another week in West End and we were treated to beautiful clear skies and scorching sunshine.  A slow start for me today and I kicked off with a coffee to get the parts of me into gear that needed to be in gear!
Refreshing the parts that other drinks can't reach

Once the coffee had worked it's magic we set about building the gap up that we started a couple of weeks ago.  The stone is still proving a challenge but we battled on and managed to get a good few courses on before we lost a couple of folks at lunch time.  We even broke out the lines to try and get a nice horizontal course in place.

Next week we'll be returning to West End, hopefuly we'll see more of the lovely weather.

Thanks to Roger, Paul and Phillip for a hard days slog under the sun.


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