Thursday, 22 September 2011

Walling 21st September - West End

We were welcomed at West End by a beautiful clear day and a bracing breeze to compliment!  We had a quiet week this week with just four of us able to make it and two of us only able to manage half a day (lightweights!).  That make Em, Em, Phillip and Graham the tally of mu... volunteers this week.

With so few of us we decided to press on with the section we started last week, by lunch time we had dismantled another stint of the wall and got up to the first level throughs.

By lunch time we had dwindled down to two, leaving only the brave to battle on.  I'm afraid I was one of the part timers today so cannot fill in the blanks about what happened after I left, perhaps Phillip or Graham will be able to leave some comments for us and let us know!

See you next week, Em

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