Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Walling 14th September - West End

Our fourth visit to West End confirmed that it is a breezy site, fortunately the rain held off today and we were able to crack on and complete the wall sections that we started last week.

Progress was quick and the section from the taster day was completed by lunch time.

We also tackled a few of the small gaps along the wall and made a start on a new section of wall at the bottom of the field.

All in all a good days walling and a good turnout. Back to West End next week (we are walling there until further notice) for more gaps.

This blog came via my iPhone (ooer technology eh whatever will they think of next), it will be interesting to see how it works!

Thanks to David, Chris, Em, Roger, Graham and Tony.

See you next week, Em

P.S. Just to remind everyone that the Nidderdale Show is on Monday, check out the dry stone walling competition, apparently they kick off at 8.30am!! Rather them than me!

Also (shameless plug) check out the bandstand at 12.00pm to see the St Cuthberts School Band, Jack will be playing his clarinet. ;-)

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