Monday, 28 March 2011

Walling at North Stainley 23rd March

Week 3 at North Stainley.

Another week with a bumper turnout in glorious weather, everyone put in a lot of hard work under the blazing sun and cake was provided to reward effort and celebrate the return of Tony to active walling.

This weeks motley crew were:
Emma W
Emma WP
Graham D

We quickly took an executive decision to leave the rest of the foundations for this week and work on building up a couple of courses along the completed sections.  We split into 3 teams and got on with the job!

Graham & Emma ponder the curve

Hastily improvised curve lines

lovely bit of straight wall!

Progress at the wall end
Progress was slow in the heat but end result was worth it.  About 2 to 3 courses completed by each team, thanks to Tony for the pictures below!

Back to work again next week, hopefully we get more of the same weather.

Cheers, Em

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