Friday, 15 April 2011

Walling at North Stainley 30th March

Wednesday bought the residents of North Stainley another delivery of 30 tonnes of sandstone along with rain and cloudy skies.  Never to be daunted by bad weather we had another splendid turnout this week, probably driven as much by the promise of cake as the promise of walling.

A rousing 8am alarm call!

Precision delivery of 30 tonnes of sand stone

This week we were graced by the presence of:
Graham B
Graham D
Emma W
Emma WP

The new stone meant we could make a go of finishing the foundations at the far and of the wall and improve sections where we had been improvising a couple of weeks ago.

The team split up to tackle the first curve (Emma, Emma & Graham) and the rest threw themselves into the remaining foundations and after a days hard slog we had achieved good results and definitely improved on a few of the wobblier foundations.

 We were also graced with a royal visit this week.  Camilla (not Hermione as I had been inaccurately told!) dropped by to be measured for her seat, she fits nicely with what will become her new surroundings and was looking splendid in a hazy sunlight.

Looking forward to what challenges next week throws our way, Em

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