Friday, 15 April 2011

Walling North Stainley 13th April 2011

Well, I'm pleased to say I made a speedy recovery from the lurgy but the dreaded school hols are here which means I must take a break from walling and become a Mummy again for a couple of weeks!

I was however, not idle and spent the day at a Forest Schools taster event run by the AONB with my offspring.  I am pleased to report we had a thoroughly excellent day, running about and hiding in the woods, building shelters and drinking hot chocolate.  I can definitely recommend it to those with young children/grandchildren and I'll be booking onto the August taster as well.

Well it seems that the holidays and the change in the weather dampened the teams spirit this week and we had a smaller turnout than we've been used to on this project.

Big thanks to Chris, Catriona, Philip, Graham and Young Richard for braving the damp and putting in a days work to keep the project moving!

Photos are below, Em

Catriona walking the plank (I think you had to be there)

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