Thursday, 10 March 2011

Walling at North Stainley 9th March 2011

Welcome to our first Blog!

Here is the weeks activity from North Stainley.

The residents of North Stainley were rudely awakened on Monday morning by the sound of 20 tonnes of beautiful sandstone being ceremoniously dumped into their community garden.

And that is what 20 tonnes of walling stone looks like!

Well it isn't much use sitting in a large pile so the main focus on Wednesday was to get it closer to the foundations that have been kindly predug for us and to sort it by size so we know exactly what it is we've got.

Wednesday started out with changeable weather (hale in some parts) but by the time the team was assembled in North Stainly we were treated to a pleasant breeze and blue cloudy skies.  We had a good turnout this week, seven of us in all with the added bonus of Richard from the village committee who proved to be spritely and willing (a valuable trait considering the task ahead).  The team of hardy workhorses were:

We got on with the task at hand, shifting and sorting as we went until our tea break when one bright spark suggested a more ordered approach of designating roles into shifters and sorters (she'll remain nameless).  We slogged on through the next 20 tonnes finally finishing just before 2pm and were rewarded with a field of neatly stacked stone and two piles of cheekend stones and throughs.  The evidence of our hard work can be seen below.

All in all a rewarding if back breaking day!  The rain managed to hold off until the last minute as well!

See you next week


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