Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Walling at North Stainley 16th March

Well week two at North Stainley proved to have many firsts for all or some of us!

Firstly we had two new mu.... ur volunteers join us.  Welcome to Emma and Richard - both too good for first time wallers!

Next we had an unprecedented turnout, 13 on site!  The intrepid band this week were:

Emma W(new)
Richard (new)
Graham B
Graham D
Ian K
Emma WP

Thanks to all of you for turning out and slogging away at a full days foundations, it may be my favourite part of walling but it isn't for everyone!

Catriona shifting stone

Looking at it won't improve it!

Plenty of room for Hermione

Prepared for the unexpected we tackled our 'raised' foundations (not as easy as they look) and after a few false starts ended with a stunning cheekend and fabulous sinuous curved wall, with ready prepared recess to house Hermione and two Lunkies!

Not bad for a days work

Looking forward to laying the first course next week, Em

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