Saturday, 30 August 2014

Longside Wood, Ramsgill - Wednesday 27 August 2014

Back for another stint on rebuilding gaps with a team of eight (Catriona, Chris, Graham, Paul, Richard P, Roderick, Roger and Tony).

Gap 1 activity with Chris and Catriona: 

A seamless finish

Gap 3 activity with Graham and Tony

Graham eyes things up

The finished gap

Gap 4 activity with Paul and Roderick:
The steep slope is good exercise for some

Paul seeks divine inspiration
                                                  An inspired Paul gets to work

Graham lends a hand

 The gap is prepared for further work next week

Gap 5 activity with Roger and Chris:

Chris comes to help

Roger nears the end of the day

Gap 6 activity with Catriona and Richard P:

 Catriona asks if this is her next task

At close of play

                               Yet more gaps further down the path for next week


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