Sunday, 24 August 2014

Longside Wood, Ramsgill - Wednesday 20 August 2014

After a week off for good behaviour it was time to tackle our next task, which was to repair gaps in the wall alongside the Nidderdale Way path at Longside Wood. 

A team of six (Catriona, Graham, Richard H, Richard P, Roger and Tony) assembled in the lay-by one mile north of Ramsgill. Richard H provided a briefing on our route to the site.

On arrival the team was split into three and allocated to the first three of many gaps in the wall.

 The walk from the road to the site (see arrow)

It soon becomes clear what the task involves

A closer view of Gap 2 reveals that this was the opening to the tree plantation

The search begins for stones that have rolled down the slope between the newly planted trees (a task completed by the Tuesday NCVs in Feb 2014) 

 The two Richards make good progress on Gap 1 and still have time to chat

Catriona and Roger start to build up the two wall ends in Gap 2

 Graham (withTony) starts to lay the foundations in Gap 3

 Roger finds a perfect seat at break time

Gap 2 is becoming the new opening

 The extended Gap 3 begins to join up


Catriona thinks she has found the perfect stone

 Close of play on Gap1

.....and the completed Gap 2

 ..…and Gap 3

 Back next week to finish Gaps 1 and 3 and hopefully tackle the next set of gaps 


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