Sunday, 3 August 2014

EastWoods Farm, near Dacre Banks - Wednesday 30 July 2014 (am)

The task today started out near to Eastwoods Farm above Dacre Banks and close to Bryans Wood.  The farm is home to three cup-and-ring stones, one of which is being severely trampled by livestock.  English Heritage require the stone to be fenced off (not our job) but before that can happen a new gap needs to be created in the adjacent wall by building two cheek  ends. The team consisted of Catriona, Chris, Graham, Paul, Richard H, Richard P, Roderick, Roger and Tony.

The team briefing commences

The current gap where the exposed “cup-and-ring” foundation stone needs protection

A closer view of the stone showing the “cup-and-rings”

 The dismantling of the wall facing north

 …and facing south 

 Care is taken to examine the stones for any “cup-and-ring” markings

 A cup-and-ring” stone is revealed

 The tape measure is extended to 12" to indicate the size

In view of the special circumstances surround these stones it was decided to defer any further work and seek advice from the NAONB and English Heritage.  It was agreed that rather than retire early for the day we should move on to a new task in Dacre.


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