Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A taste of Tuesday walling

Well, firstly, apologies for the late blogs they have been safely tucked away in my head and hadn't made it into digital print!

This week sees a first for the walling and conservation groups in the AONB, we've mashed things up and ventured out on a Tuesday to give the AONB's Nature Conservation Volunteers or NCV a taste of what we get up to on a Wednesday.

First we'll need a bit of history...

A long time ago in an AONB well quite close by really, there was a group of volunteers who worked to improve the AONB, walls and all!  At some point the walls were tackled by a new group on Wednesdays who went on to become the NAWG! ie us.

The NCV still meet on Tuesdays and tackle bracken bashing, woodland/wetland management and other practical conservation jobs that need carrying out around the AONB, on occasion they also wall.

So our Tuesday Taster session is part of an ongoing programme of knowledge sharing between the various parts of the AONB, there have been woodland management talks, identification lessons and training events so far and there is a lot more planned for the rest of the year.

We had dull but not unpleasant weather and we were joined by Graham, Tony, Howie and Ros from the NCV and Chris, Paul and me from the NAWG - we are reaching an acronym meltdown I think!

We had a good session up at Sparrowhawk Farm and managed to get a few courses stacked up, there was plenty of banter and I hope we were able to pass on our enthusiasm for the craft and tempt our Tuesday brethren out on a Wednesday.

We'll be back with Wednesday's activities next, Em

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