Wednesday, 23 May 2012

NAWG goes global

From time to time we are joined by people who are just passing through or visiting Nidderdale who have heard about us and the work we do and this week was just such an occasion.  We were glad to welcome Mick who has come from Australia just to enjoy some walling with us, oh and he might be seeing other parts of the UK at the same time but really that pales in comparison to walling with us!

It was a glorious day in Nidderdale, the sun beating down and the best views from Sparrowhawk Farm across the dale.  However, not always the best weather for walling as it's hard work, but we slogged on in the sun and managed to throw up several courses around the wall.

We worked on filling in the gap between the low end and high end of the wall and generally raising the height of the rest of the wall.

As we sweltered on through we all had a fantastic day out in the sunshine, the sunburned few were; Chris, Richard Senior, Richard Junior, Paul, Phillip and of course Mick.

See you next week, Em

not sure what happened here, for some reason it won't turn round :-/

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