Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The finer things in life

It has to be said that there is really not much to beat being up at Sparrowhawk Farm in good weather, we could see the mist clinging to Greenhow but we were spared and even treated to a burst of sunshine later in the afternoon. 

The good weather has a remarkable effect on a days walling and we surged on until 3pm this week, largely helped on by a tasty dose of scones and jam from lovely Kit and Meg at the Farm.  Really there can be nothing better!

Down to business...

We had a healthy turnout again this week, I was joined by Chris, 2 Grahams, Richard, Catriona, Roger, Phillip and Tony.

Between us we managed to haul some more stones out of the old wall and completed the foundations by lunchtime (ish).  We also made a brave start on two wall ends and despite the swearing they are looking good.  Now we just have to see if we can wall uphill and round in a circle without losing our sanity!  The outcome will be anything but guaranteed, I'm not sure that we are all sane to begin with but heyho.

I'm afraid that I was too busy enjoying myself to take pictures this week but Tony was seen with his camera so with a bit of luck he'll add them later.

See you next week, hopefully with some more lovely weather, Em.

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