Thursday, 26 April 2012

Special hats and wet weather


It would seem that we are destined to struggle on through the finest weather that Nidderdale has to offer!

We returned to Sparrowhawk Farm this week and to be fair we had a cracking morning, the weather kept at bay and we finished preparing the foundations and digging out useful stone in time for our coffee break (with cake supplied!).

After our break we set about the foundations in three teams, we slogged on until lunch time when the deluge began in earnest. The site quickly turned from pleasant to mud fest and none of us could muster the will to carry on and called it a day.

Here's hoping that next week we get a good clear day and lots of walling done!

I was joined by Richard, Phillip, Tony, a couple of Graham's, Roger and David Leonard (who once employed us for a job at Thornthwaite!)

I only managed to get one picture done today, so here it is in all it's glory... Graham and the special hat

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