Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Pinfolded - 11th April 2012

The walling fairy evidently called by last week despite the forecast snows and left the wall in really good shape for Roger, the Richards, the Grahams and myself to finish off and clear the site.

Richard the Younger will be posting some of his time-lapse photos and I hope you'll agree the results are well up to standard.  The photos aren't bad either!  The weather was kind and didn't hail on us until we'd finished and were headed home.  We have much to be grateful for.

We have a taster day next week and I will let you know where our next project will be as soon as ... I've actually found somewhere!  watch for Wally-Mail and if you know of a site where we could start more or less immediately, please let me know.

Good job no-one knows who he's calling a fairy. 

UPDATE! A selection of  Daguerreotypes 

As promised here are some photos of the finished pinfold - and a few snaps of how we got there.

Before we got our hands on it.

After we'd finished messing about (At least I hope I've got them in the right order)



P.S. I'll attempt to make some sort of video out of the photo's I have taken. Don't hold your breath though. It may take me some time.

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