Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Sparrowhawks and Amazons Forever!!

This week sees us trekking up above Pateley Bridge to Sparrowhawk Farm to start work on another curvy project - we just can't get enough of them!

We were joined by Catriona, Roger, Paul, Phillip, Em, Graham, David, me and Taster Tony (our taster session volunteer for the day!).

Sparrowhawk Farm is a regular haunt for AONB volunteers and some of us have been here before, the owner Kit is establishing wildflower meadows and planning to keep bees and it's the bees we are here to help with.  As we discovered today the site has beautiful views, when they emerge from the mist but not a lot of shelter from the elements - something that the bees are going to need!  To give the bees a good chance at surviving the wind we've been asked to construct a semi-circular fold (does this sound familiar to anyone else!) which when finished will stand at approx 5' and hopefully provide enough shelter.

The weather was not kind to us and by lunch I was on my third pair of gloves and we were all beginning to resemble drowned rats.  We cracked on though and got most of the foundation trench dug and hefted plenty of stone out of the ground to be getting along with.  Everybody threw themselves into the task with a zeal that even the weather could not dampen!  However, by 2 o'clock we were drenched and really had had enough so called time for this week.

We'll be back again next week, with a bit of luck we'll get some sunshine and get the chance to admire this stunning location.

What photo's we managed to take before the mud set in are below.

Cheers, Em

Buried treasure

If a job's worth doing

Lets's do it properly

This was after the mud was washed away by the rain!

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