Monday, 8 December 2014

Nidderdale Way at Longside - Wednesday 3 December 2014

After cancelling last week due to wet weather, we return with a team of seven (Barry, Catriona, Graham, Paul, Richard H, Roger and Tony).  Today’s task was to complete the cheek end and make a start on the first gap. We were fortunate that the landowner had delivered additional stone to make our task that much easier.  

 Roger and Catriona set up the batter frames on the cheek end section of the wall

The first gap before work is started 

 and after clearance down to foundation level


Tony poses in his newly acquired NAONB coveralls and cap 

                                                     Roger finds the best seat at coffee break time

 Like all gap repairs we end up with a much longer stretch to rebuild than expected

Yes we know the weather is nice today but you cannot sit there all day eating your lunch

The toppers are lined up ready to complete the end section

 The end section is completed

 As the sun starts to sets, Richard identifies the top stones for the extended gap

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