Thursday, 6 November 2014

Longside Wood, Ramsgill - Wednesday 5 November 2014

After missing a week due to team commitments elsewhere (and of course it was half term week) it was back to try and complete the last gap.  In addition to Barry, Catriona, Chris, Paul, Richard H, Roderick, Roger and Tony, we were also joined by Robert and Mark from Thorndene Forestry Services (who were having a rest day from their tree planting work and wanted to have a go at walling).

 The advance party get to work on dismantling the last section (commonly known as gaps 19 to 21) 
Robert and Mark look on and wonder whether they made the right choice to try walling

Reinforcements start to arrive 
Under the guidance of Chris, Robert and Mark are soon getting familiar with the procedure

Barry and Paul make a start on rebuilding the gap just before the hand gate 

 … and the finished job

 Back at the far end of the wall it is time for a lunch break

Just one more course to complete

The final tidy up begins 

The long and winding wall is nearly finished – we just need to find some more top stones to make it complete


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