Friday, 14 November 2014

Longside Wood, Ramsgill - Wednesday 12 November 2014

On a rather wet morning a team of six gathered to commence our new project for David Brown, the farmer at Longside, rebuilding a cheek end and repairs to a couple of gaps in a wall further along the Nidderdale Way towards Lofthouse.  

Whilst Catriona, Graham, Paul and Roger concentrated on this wall, Barry and Tony walked over to Longside Wood to put the finishing touches to the long and winding wall.

The foundations are put in place for the cheek end against the new fence post

At coffee break, Barry outlines a future task at the new nesting bank for sand martins which he proposed to visit after lunch. 

Meanwhile back at Longside Wood  

The cheek end of the downhill wall is in need of attention before we finally leave
Barry shelters from the rain after placing the last top stone on the Longside Wood wall.
 A total of 21 gaps completed over 12 weekly visits.  

With the rain becoming heavier it was decided to rejoin the rest of the team for lunch 

 Only to find they had already departed for a drier location to where we do not know.

Barry and Tony decided to adjourn from any further walling for the day and scope the task at the sand martin nesting bank site at Gouthwaite.

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