Monday, 13 October 2014

Longside Wood, Ramsgill - Wednesday 8 October 2014

The team today was Barry, Catriona, Graham, Roderick and Roger .

Surprisingly a pleasant day although mist on the hills around us.. Catriona, Roger and Graham  continued and finished their extended gap 15,which had originally been two separate ones.  Barry and Roderick continued with gap 16.

Lunchtime at gap 15 with Catriona and Roger

While nearby Barry and Roderick contemplate their mornings work at gap 16 (see below)

Gap 15 nearly completed  

 Aerial view of gap 16 

....and the front view

Completed gap 15 from both sides


Many thanks to Graham for providing the words and pictures. 

Update provided by Barry:
Just in case anyone is making careful notes on progress at Longside, I should point out that Roderick & I spent the morning on gap '15a', the photographic evidence of which seems to be missing, so you may be unaware of the structural fortification and exquisitely crafted repair of a sizeable gap now harmonised within the vernacular and topped with carefully chosen copes garnered from the woodland dereliction. The picture of 'gap 16' may therefore appear to show poor productivity for a fine afternoon, but it should be noted that the photographer was unable to record the end state of our joint endeavour.

Here is the evidence of the completed gap15a worked on by Barry and Roderick


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