Friday, 17 October 2014

Longside Wood, Ramsgill - Wednesday 15 October 2014

For our ninth visit to Longside Wood, the team was Graham, Richard H, Richard P, Roger and Tony

       Before starting work it was necessary to cut down a branch overhanging at gap 16

 Gap 16 at the start of day

Gap 16 becomes a much bigger gap, courtesy of Roger, Tony and Richard 
 The first part of the original gap 16 is completed by Graham and Richard H  

and the front view of the first part of gap 16

 The much bigger second part of gap 16 at lunchtime

 and by mid afternoon

 Richard H moves on to patch up a small gap 17 before an early finish due to rain

There now remains four more gaps and a cheek end to repair, so hopefully we can try and  complete this task over the next 2 to 3 outings  before moving on to our next project.



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