Saturday, 12 July 2014

Nidd Lane, Birtswith - Wednesday 9 July 2014

Back with a team of five to continue the gapping process. With the “eastern” section now completed, Catriona and Roger got to work on the “mid” section .  Richard (the Younger) and Roderick tackled the “western” section, whilst Tony did some foundation work on the downhill section next to the gate post.

The downhill wall foundations become clearer (well nearly)

The “western” section starts to rise up

Lunch break - but who has let the fire go out ?

 Roderick and Richard make sure they are on the level

 Catriona and Roger call time on the "mid" section

At close of play - "mid" section gap 

Roderick winds in the lines at close of play on the "western" section

At close of play - downhill wall

Updated by Tony


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