Friday, 23 May 2014

Wilson’s Plantation, Birtswith - Wednesday 21 May 2014

For our last week we had lovely weather with the  sun shining through the trees and the midges deciding not to bite.  Catriona, Roger and Roderick  completed the corner stretch, Barry and Richard filled the gap between the gate posts, Tony topped out a long stretch of the wall, and towards the end was ably assisted by Roderick who was noted in despatches for his heroic efforts chiselling toppers from solid rock - and not doing his tennis elbow any good at all . Graham completed a bit of seamless patching on another part of the wall which had been taken down on a whim the previous week, before moving on to assist Barry. 

                                           Richard contemplates his day’s work

 and Barry views his task for the day

Graham starts to bridge a gap

 and nearly complete

Roderick “The Stonemason” at work

Roderick produces another topper from his secret store

Tony's toppers
Barry & Graham place the last stone of the day

 Roderick tries his hand at moss covering

 A fine piece of finished work

Barry wonders how he can reach his bike
 We were all pleased with the final result and hope Sean is as well.

Graham & Tony

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