Friday, 16 May 2014

Wilson's Plantation, Birtswith - Wednesday 14 May 2014

The penultimate week at Birstwith with Catriona, Chris, Graham, Richard the younger,  Roderick, Roger and Tony.  This happy band  walled in pleasant sunny conditions with hardly a midge in sight. The anticipated mud wasn't a problem apart from in the car park where some slipping and sliding of vehicles took place.

 Catriona and Roger make a start on the corner

Graham and Roderick take up their positions 


Whilst eating lunch a caterpillar and a Green Dock Leaf beetle are spotted

 Richard places the first topper

 Roderick places the second topper, whilst Graham thinks he may have found the next one


 and Tony was here

 End of day progress (the search for more toppers will continue next week)

 The last check before leaving

Graham & Tony

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