Saturday, 8 March 2014

The Park Pale at Markenfield Hall - 5 March 2014

Back to the Pale wall with a team of eight  (Catriona, Chris, Graham, Paul, Richard H, Richard P, Roger and Tony).
At our mid-morning break we received a visit from Ian Curteis. He explained that the field behind us was used to create bunkers to train soldiers from the Ripon camp, before they headed out to fight on the front line in the First World War. 

With regard to progress on the wall, Chris explained that the aim was to finish rebuilding this current stretch and then move on to the group’s next project. A further return to the pale wall would be planned for in the future.  Ian thanked everyone for all the work they had done so far.

So come on everyone lets get started

      The view over to the "trench" field


 A "cheek end" is built to mark the finish of the current phase

Back next week to complete

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  1. I had a quick look at the various aerial photo sites and couldn't find much evidence of the 1st world war trenches, but then none of photo's show the field in crop.
    The English Heritage site has a reference to a triple ditch alignment


    Which might have some relevance.

    It would be interesting to find out where Ian found the evidence for the WWI training.