Thursday, 20 March 2014

Fewston Cemetery, Meagill Lane – 19 March 2014

A change of venue as we tackle a series of gaps in the boundary wall at the Meagill Lane Cemetery.  The repairs are required to stop livestock from the adjoining field  entering the cemetery grounds.  The team this week is  Barry, Catriona, Chris, Graham, Richard H, Richard P, Roderick, and Tony.

  When burials ceased in the churchyard at Fewston a new cemetery was opened here in 1911.

 The team begins to arrive

 A warning sign of what to expect

 A first look at what needs to be done. It was decided to split the team into two groups of four to tackle the first two (of many) gaps
 The first gap

and the second gap

 A familiar landmark can be seen in the distance.


 After clearing down to the foundations the rebuilding can now start.

 Time for a break

Chris inspects the finished section of the first gap.
A few more stones are needed to complete the second gap next week.

 Chris checks out the next gap for repair.


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