Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Goodbye Sparrow Hawk; Hello Darley

Looking ever so slightly content with themselves, the merry band pose in front of a completed, bee-proof semi-circle of immaculate dry stone wall.  And it's goodbye Sparrow Hawk Farm.  I must admit I won't miss the slog up the hill but I will miss the cakes and pies.

And now on to Darley - a small rebuild project alongside a children's playground hosted by the local playing fields association.  The pictures tell the story - copes cemented on, wall settles, stones fall out etc. etc.  Two weeks there so far and the main stretch of wall is complete and coped.  Next week (8th August) we'll be tackling a stint outside the playground and then it's off to pastures new again.

And the next job is ...

This little beauty is about 4ft tall so it's all the kind of stone we're used to.  Sadly, it's in Cornwall so by the time we've met at 9:30, travelled down and had coffee it'll be time to come home again!  Shame!

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