Thursday, 30 August 2012

And the sun shines on the righteous ...

Wasn't sure whether to start with the sun shining on the righteous or something about fortune favouring the brave.  Well, at least it didn't rain on our new site up in Greenhow ... much.  To tell the truth, it absolutely bucketed down to begin with but, by the time we'd squelched around the site to size up the possibilities and had a cup of coffee, the rain miraculously ceased and we remained dry for the rest of the day ... in Greenhow!

Our new site is centred on a tiny miner's cottage called The Loanings.  Our host, Kev, is a waller himself, so no pressure there then.  Roger, Graham, Catriona and I completed a longish stint that Kev himself had started some time ago and between us we stripped out the next section.  This gave us a good opportunity to get used to the mixture of limestone and sandstone both of which are available on site.  Copes are, as usual, in short supply, but Kev gave us a good demonstration of ... how shall I put it? ... improvisation.

Commiserations to Phillip who never quite made it to site despite having driven all the way from Leeds.  Maybe we should get some of those little arrows on sticks printed with NAWG just like real contractors do.

I've told Kev we'll do 4-6 weeks up there, mainly because I suspect the weather will become increasingly inhospitable as the year progresses.  For now though, we can chalk one up to Greenhow.  See you next week?

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