Friday, 9 December 2011

What's not to smile about?

Wednesday 7th December was a perfect day for not walling so Richard, Paul and I decided to have a picnic instead!

Eighteen out of ten to Emma II (photo credit) and Graham B as well as the aforementioned Paul and Richard for even turning up this week.  Only eleven out of ten to Boogie who hid in his mistress' fleece and looked miz.  The weather promised to be foul - a promise kept in spades as an icy wind drove sleet and rain right along the wall so that neither side offered any real shelter.

We soldiered on through the first onslaught, warmed ourselves with rapidly diluting coffee, and quit at lunchtime as conditions were just too unpleasant.  One short course doesn't move us on very far, but it was hard-fought and got us back on line after last week's minor aberration.

Very nice to see Ian Curtis, who came along to wish us all a very Merry Christmas (he's way next week).  No wussy ways for him - he still turned up clad in immaculate tweeds, scarf and flat 'at even though the rest of us were huddling.  Brrrrr!

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