Thursday, 1 December 2011

Markenfield Hall - 30th November

So ends another fine and sunny Wednesday's walling.  Once again we enjoyed a good turn out and got lots done, so thanks as usual to all those who turned out.

Em (II), Catriona, Graham D, Graham B, Anita, Roger and Phillip.

We set about our tasks, special mentions must go to Graham B and Phillip who filled the hole in the ground with something that looks suspiciously like a wall and also to Graham D who slogged tirelessly getting the copes onto the completed sections of wall.

All in all a very productive day although next week might need some reworking as someone who'll remain nameless (probably me - definitely me!) beautifully horizontally coursed her sections of wall only to look back at the end of the day and discover she'd not noticed the previous contouring done on the other sections.  Ho hum, I enjoyed myself anyway!

See you next week


(photos to follow)

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