Friday, 26 August 2011

On we go and up she comes ...

Another week, another blog.  Two sorries to start this week.  First to anyone who didn't show up on Wednesday because I forgot to e-mail and second for the slight delay in blogging.  There can't be many takers for the first apology since we had up to ten people on the wall this week - Roger, Phillip, Catriona, Graham, Ian, David, a brace of Richards, Andrea from the village and, of course, your illustrious chairman.

Sterling work again from all members.  The Richards will persist in making perfect copes and who are we to discourage them?  The rest of us now have all the 3" courses in place and have even begun to put the final 2" courses on. 

David and I have agreed that the wall end is in need of some remediation.  It seems to have slipped (we can't possibly have built it like that!) so we'll tackle it next week while the rest move on with the top courses.

In an idle moment, someone asked what the collective noun for a group of wallers ought to be.  We offered 'batter' (already used for fish fryers) and 'course' (or maybe coarse) but we should be able to do better than that.  Suggestions please with 'a prize' for the best suggestion.

Project North Stainley ought now to be finished on schedule (given precisely as September-October-ish) but there is a lot of clearing up to do.  All the spare stone above 2" thickness needs to be cleared back to the garden entrance for disposal so that we can get the ground prepared for autumn planting.  We made a start but there's lots more barrowing to do.  Just think how good it will look after we've tidied up!

See you next week!

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  1. Richard responded with a retirement of wallers - I think that should win personally.
    Since we spend a lot of our day doing it I think a 'ponder' of wallers would be apt ;-) E