Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Nearly there ...

Were one to be the excitable type, one could hardly contain it this week after another excellent turnout and yet another great effort from all concerned.  Thanks to Catriona, Phillip, Richard, Richard, Graham, Ian, David and Barry for all their hard work.

What did we get up to today?  Well, two bolsters were finally condemned after the Richards had beaten them into metal pulp while finishing off the required coping stones.  Both, I thought, rathered showed off by knocking up several 6" numbers as well as the remaining 3" stones which have evidently become a bit easy-peasy for our muscular duo.  In recognition of their tremendous labours, I append a photographic record of the raising of the first cope.  Brilliant job guys!

There's a clue as to our second achievement in the phrase 'raising the first cope' and you'll have guessed that we also finished the two 2" courses to bring the wall up to full height.

The more perspicacious among you may have noticed that we've also had a bit of a tidy up.  Barrow loads of walling and rockery stone now await new owners in neat piles nearer to the road.  No decision as yet as to what we do with our leftovers - suggestions welcome.  Overall we probably have about 20 tons available which says nothing for my quantity surveying and probably confirms the old adage that wallers are never satisfied with the stone at hand!

 I just threw that one in for the hell of it.  By the way, the only suggestion I've had for a collective noun for wallers was from Richard the Younger, who came up with ' a retirement'.  Just shows that the yoof of today have no respect for their elders.

Prompted by Barry, I've been thinking - always a dangerous tendency of mine.  Next week, we should have all the copes on and be well on with site clearance.  But Wednesday 7th is also the date for our next AONB taster day which means Emma I, Elaine and David can't be there.  Catriona is also away and  I recall someone else saying they couldn't make it. 

My proposal is therefore that we skip next week and invite everyone who can make it to a topping out ceremony on 14th September with cake and fizz provided.  Although I know the Trust is planning to celebrate our achievement at some stage, it seems a more fitting end to the project if as many folk as possible can make the final work day even if it ends by lunchtime.  I'll probably do some tidying up in the meantime and, if anyone particularly wants to work next week, we can get some of the copes on and make progress on site clearance.  Let me know what you think, especially if you still want to turn up next week.  Unless there's a barrage of objections, we'll put completion off for a week.

Nearly there people, nearly there!

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