Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Walling at North Stainley 18th May

Greetings from the now sunny Pateley Bridge!  Finally I have been back walling again this week after my prolonged absence it was good to get back and feel the stone on my fingers, grit in my hair, rain down my neck etc etc.

Despite the dire look of the clouds above the rain held off at North Stainley and the promised sun did finally put in an appearance at the end of the day.

We had another good turnout again this week, the willing volunteers being:
Emma W, Richard (younger), Graham B, Graham D, Paul, David, Emma WP and Chris.  Oh and Martin (sorry Martin!)

We split up into teams with M n M tackling the first lunky and curve, Martin and Richard shoring up the seat for Camilla, Graham and Graham working up to the stile, Paul working 2nd lunky and final curve and David allocating and moving the first course of the semi circle wall.
Chris spread his talents amongst us all helping where needed and Richard from the village arrived just before lunch time to help split the monster stones ready for Davids first course next week.

Everyone got stuck in today and made good progress, especially Paul who raised his section of wall by 3 courses today, no small accomplishment!  Whatever he had for breakfast today we all want some!

The evidence of our hard work is below, it's really taking shape at North Stainley now and the features are starting to look part of the wall.

See you next week, Em

A seat fit for a Queen!

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