Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Walling at North Stainley - 11th May 2011

Now here's a first!  A tentative toe in the blogospheric water by your frankly-we-were-better-off-with-carrier-pigeons chairman.  Having listened while Emma patiently explained how one bloggeth, I promptly forgot and had to ask for a refresher this morning.  Suitably refreshed, here goes (before another senior moment kicks in)!
Thanks to Catriona, Em II, Richard, Paul, Graham, Phillip and Roger (and Jenny from the village) for another sterling day's work.  Commiserations to Em I who had managed to contract one of those rater nasty there's-a-lot-of-it-about bugs and wasn't able to join us in completing the foundation for the curved wall.

    It didn't seem that far when we set off ...

The rest of the gang pressed on with the main wall from the stile through to the final wiggle.  We're getting some height on now and the features are beginning to look the part with each of the lunky holes having a 'roof'.
Next week we can start using up the remaining 'big stuff' in the first course of the new wall and then that's about it really ... um, well perhaps not!  A plea to everyone - we're still short of coping stones; please keep pulling them out as you go and don't wall them all in just 'cos it's nice to cover 12" with one stone.

The question that keeps arising is ... will we have enough stone?  The only clever answer I've had so far is 'yes, but not necessarily of the right sort!' 

See you next week.

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