Monday, 23 February 2015

Bewerley Park Outdoor Centre - Wednesday 18 February 2015

A new project at an old location. The task is to build a “commemorative” wall to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Bewerley Park from its days as a 'Camp School' in 1940.

The wall will incorporate a stone carved plaque (measuring 20 ins x 20ins) produced by Joseph Hayton, together with 8 smaller plaques (measuring 9 ins x 9 ins) carved by the students at the Bewerley Centre.  The stone to be used for the wall has been sourced from the old demonstration walls.

The view from above showing the locations of the old and new wall

The old demonstration walls were constructed during the Autumn of 2006 and were topped out in January 2007 by the NAONB Walling Group. The wall was dismantled and the stone moved to the location of the new wall by the Tuesday NCVs during September 2014

The design for the new wall has been created by Richard Howard and the schematic below shows how it will look when completed.

The team for today’s activity was Barry, Catriona, Paul, Richard H, Roderick, Roger and Tony.

The task begins by removing the fencing from the bridge end
The safety rope is installed to stop anyone slipping into the stream
Roderick has a couple of admirers of his foundation work
Catriona calls coffee break time at the “Pizza Hut”
The cutting of the turf begins
whilst Catriona, Richard & Roderick start at the barn end

Back to the “Pizza Hut” for lunch

Richard and Tony (taking the picture) make a start on the bend

At 3.30pm it is time to wind down for the day

The foundations are nearly complete

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