Saturday, 27 September 2014

Longside Wood, Ramsgill - Wednesday 24 September 2014 (pm)

On arrival we welcomed a new member Chris Wolf who has some previous walling experience and would like to further develop her skills.

The task for this shortened day was to carry out further work on gaps 9 to 13 and make a start on gap 14.

 At gap 13 with Graham, Catriona and Chris Wolf

 At gap 14 with Richard, Roderick and Paul

Lunch time 

 Gap 12 at lunchtime

 Gap 14 at lunchtime

and nearing close of play 

 Barry making a start on gap 15, with Tony passing by with a supply of toppers for gaps further down

 Graham assessing what still needs to be done on gap 15

Gap 9 finished

Gap 10 finished  

 Gap 11 finished

 Gap 12 finished

Gap 13 finished

Back next week to complete gaps 14 and 15.



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