Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Wilson's Plantation, Birtswith - Wednesday 23 April 2014

A new project this week, rebuilding a roadside wall at the bottom of a 50-acre plantation belonging to Sean Kelly, a Firm Friend of Nidderdale AONB.  Sean was there to greet our arrival and showed us the way down to site.  The morning passed in stone recovery and stripping out over a 15 metre length but, as time passed, more and more bodies seemed to be focussed on one small area.  The reason?  One socking great stone gate post weighing, oh, half ton or more which refused to co-operate in its relocation.  Eventually our resident engineer, Roger (have you thought of doing it this way?) pulled off an interesting rope trick and the post sat firm and upright more or less where we wanted it.

Five smug wallers ready for lunch

Some fairly desultory rebuilding after lunch which became even more desultory after our host had turned up with beer, wine and real glasses (!) to restore our flagging energy.  Energy restored but focus somewhat wobbly we returned to the wall and got on with the first raise which kept us all occupied until home time.

Next week - interesting engineering in the wall corner where the ground is not too firm, where tree roots need to be bridged and where a small lunky will be needed to allow a small stream to exit the woods. 


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