Thursday, 7 November 2013

Hello again!

Having been chastised about the lack of blogging this year I thought it was probably high time I logged back in to update the world on our comings and goings.

Well there have been stints at Markenfield Hall, a crack at the competition wall on the Pateley Showground (not to compete but complete!), a long slog down the hill in Hackfall, a short push out at Bramhope, some rather exciting dry (ish) stone wall boundary markers for the Aonb, we've been revisited by some old Friends, made new friends and very sadly said goodbye to a good friend.

I have been shamefully missing from the wallface but that's the gist of it, I'm sure there's more and as it comes to me I'll update the blog accordingly.

So fast forward to October 2013 and we find ourselves working a lovely project for the Jenny Ruth Workshops, find out more about the fantastic work they do here  We are creating a new wall adjacent to the workshop to enhance an outdoor work space.  A challenging project with curves and steps, the spirit levels are out and heavy duty equipment is in place, a stone dressing table is in the offing, this is taking walling into the next century!! Wait.., we're already there!

Over the past few weeks we've sorted the stone, laid the foundations and we're just starting the first lift.  The going is muddy but we are adequately compensated with tea breaks, hot and cold running water and on site loos!

In short we're having a blast! 

Photos below, see you soon, Em.

Roger is learning to cope with the toppers.

Paul and the incredible horizontal foundation.

Oops looked at the foundations slightly funny and they're no longer horizontal!

Cope manufactioning facility.

Looks like a very small wall has sprung up between Roderick and Roger (I think I feel a Monty Python sketch coming on!)

Chris deminstrates the finer points of using the guillotine.

Paul at Richard gather at the guillotine to witness the stone decapitation!

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