Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Where does the time go?

Irrefutable evidence indicates that no-one has blogged since 17th October but don't let the pregnant pause fool you ... the group has been hard at work.

After our soggy sojourn on Greenhow, we decamped to Woodland Trust territory at Hackfall Woods.  It's a charming spot and our walling site has only two drawbacks - the midges got there first and have no intention of going quietly and the wall lies down near the River Ure (or Yore as I prefer to think of it) which is fine in a morning but quite hard work on the way back out after a day's walling.  Other than that, it's a nice home for us for at least the first part of winter.

The stone is variable and in short supply so we've already reduced the height of the wall to 40" below the copes which is still adequate.  After four weeks we have completed a rebuild on around 15 metres and are up to copes on a further five or so.  Quite rapid progress for us!

This week the Richards found themselves in company with Em, Graham, Roger and myself, Phillip and Catriona having decided to help move the scout centre wall forward at Bramhope with Pete and Anita.  Thanks to Richard for the photos below:

Richard happened to mention that he'd dropped a 50p piece
Suddenly no-one's interested in the wall any more

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